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Trans European eProcurement Interoperability.




The purpose of INTERPROC is to promote economic growth of the European economy, reducing administrative burdens in public procurement procedures both for contracting authorities and economic operators, while at the same time implementing and providing the necessary digital service infrastructures to apply the current European public procurement directives.

• Bring public opportunities closer to SMEs, regardless of the country of the Contracting Authorities,

• Make eProcurement processes less time-consuming, based on reliable existing data and with automated processes and more effective workflows.

The project aims to support interoperable use of structured information throughout the whole procurement process.

The Partners

The Partners

BeschA is the largest german civil procurement agency in the federal government and is responsible for purchasing in the entire business area of the ministry. The agency purchases goods and services for many different federal agencies, federally funded foundations, and international organizations.

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Project Scope and Objectives


Project Scope and Objectives

Enable reuse of already existing data;
Generate more effective workflows;
Make policy data more accessible;
Automate processes;
Simplify implementation in the tendering systems.

Contract Register

Provide reliable eProcurement data to support public procurement policy and other areas such as environment, innovation and SMEs.

Bring public opportunities closer to SMEs, regardless of the country where Contracting Authorities are based;
Achieve interoperability, in terms of standardized specifications (BIS), implementation of additional profiles (Search Notice, Call for Tender Questions and Answers, Tender Withdrawal and Tender Clarification).



Control evidences without consuming so much time, thanks to updated certified resources;
Interconnect different national databases and the eCertis database, to facilitate the interoperability of services;
Boost standardized ESPD-implementations cross border in Europe;
Enable reuse of business information;
Increase the use of automated processes towards eCertis and National Registers;
Reuse responses, with no need to submit new evidence to the Contracting Authorities.

Increase the amount of accessible and structured information, to support transparency and cross-border procurement below threshold.

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The Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management (DFØ – Direktoratet for forvaltning og økonomistyring) is a central administrative agency that aims to strengthen the government’s work in renewing the Norwegian public sector and improve the organisation and efficiency of government administrations.


GSISPA is an organizational unit, part of the Hellenic Ministry of Digital Governance (MDG). GSISPA’s vision is to be the main technological pillar of the Hellenic state, offering the best and most efficient technological solutions for an efficient and citizen-friendly Public Administration.


Ignite Procurement is a Norwegian SaaS company facilitating data-driven, smarter, and sustainable procurement decisions through its best-of-breed spend management solution.





Vortal is a worldwide leading company in eSourcing and eProcurement solutions, with an eMarketplace where, every day, more than 10.000 public and private buyers make business with a community of over 360.000 qualified suppliers. Vortal’s solutions are centered in leading-edge technology and specialist dedicated support.

The University of Piraeus Research Center (UPRC)), founded in 1989, provides administration and technological support to basic and applied research, carried out by the teaching staff of the University of Piraeus, at international or national level. Framed within the University of Piraeus is the Department of Digital Systems (DDS). The primary objective of DSS is to provide students with the knowledge and practical experience in various fields of digital technology.

The University of Koblenz-Landau (UKL) is a mid-size German University. The research group E-Government (RG eGov) of the Faculty of Computer Science is participating in the INTERPROC project. In the past fifteen years, the group has been involved in interoperability and e-government systems research and developments, and in several eProcurement related projects.

Mercell is a leading platform for eTendering and procurement, serving public and private buyers in 15 European countries. Mercell’s marketplace simplifies the tender and procurement process and makes it safe and easy for buyers to find relevant suppliers for their tenders and daily purchasing needs. Mercell also ensures suppliers find relevant business opportunities.


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